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In 1730, a massive volcanic eruption shook the land of Lanzarote, the northern island of the Canary archipelago. The land reformed and boiled, the lava flowed from the center of the island and mixed with the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Island became a black desert, a Martian landscape.

From this disaster, prosperity began.

Every day at sunrise, the men leave their white painted houses, and ride across arid lava fields wearing wide straw hats. The women follow outfitted in white dresses and red ribbons which flutter in the unceasing wind. They plant grapevines in two-meter-deep holes and surround them with high walls of rock to channel the dew straight to the roots, and to protect the vines from the strong trade winds. By sowing, digging, and developing the land, they created a specific ecosystem, which does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Today, this scorched land covers with thousands of green grapevines, the result of creativity and hard work, and the vivid proof of synergic relationship between humans and nature.

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